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Wildfire Home Defense - Fireproof your home from wildfire

Is your home fireproof against a wildfire? Wildfire Home Defense helps you with disaster planning and preparedness on three levels:

Outer Defenses
Outer Defenses refers to the terrain surrounding your home where vegetation and defensible space are key.

Inner Defenses
Inner Defenses include such things as double-paned tempered glass windows and doors, fire-resistant curtains and paint, and other elements of housing construction that can be hardened against wildfires.

Last Resort
If all else fails and your home's defenses are breached, items of Last Resort protect your valuables from interior flames.

Cabin On Fire

Why Worry About Protecting Your Home?
Many people whose primary residence or vacation getaway is located in wilderness areas wonder why they should bother protecting their home from wildfires. After all, won't firefighters protect them? Isn't that their job? Well, yes and no.

Sizing Up The Danger
Believe it or not, one of the first things firefighters do when they arrive in a neighborhood is to "size up" the various structures to see which they can safely defend and which will be left to burn. Having defensible space around your home gives firefighters a safety zone in which to work at structure protection. If there is no defensible space, they're likely to move on to another home which they can defend.

FireIce Home Defense Unit

VIDEO: Do It Yourself Home Protection
As firefighting resources are cut back at the federal, state, and local level, homeowners are taking home fire protection into their own hands. GelTech Solutions provides a do-it-yourself product, the FireIce Home Defense Unit, which allows homeowners to spray fire-resistant gel on their home prior to evacuation, then clean it off with a garden hose when they return. FireIce can protect structures from the intense heat of a wildfire for hours, vastly improving the survivability of your home.